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An experience of a lifetime

- for all of us and we will come again and again ...!

Doris Larsen, Vinderup Denmark have just stayed in "Høloftet"  from the 27th September 2011 for four days with her family and wishes to share the wonderful experiences, that the family (7 "hens" in age from 1.5 to 11 years and three adults) had and the warmth and comfort they felt and received:

- Imagine this: Everything was ready, cosy and bedded. We didn’t have to bring anything - not even linen or towels. One of my girls had birthday (8 years) on the day we arrived. I had mentioned it casually without thinking about it, when I  booked, so we were taken by surprise, when we saw the entire staircase with flags and several huge bouquets of fresh flowers in all rooms. Also the entire decoration, the colors, the furniture, simply gave us a homy feeling of comfort - we immediately felt wonderful at ease.

- What lovely care! What a welcome!

- My "worst "problem" was, Doris continue, that I had some trouble understanding the children had "no need for me" (-:

- We had to set the alarm in the morning - to be sure to participate in feeding the calves - milking for several hours during the early hours. And the view of the barn from the living room was like a TV-set.

- I am very impressed with the patience "the working people" displayed - having kids around them more or less all the time.

- What a presence and attention from the first to the last day - and we WILL return with pleasure. Many times....! I hope many other families will give themselves this experience with Inga and Jens Peter. I can only recommend it with all my heart.

Doris Larsen, Vinderup

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