Consumers' knowledge of everyday life on a farm is today so little, that a farm holiday is given the same value as a any other tourist attraction.

A series of initiatives in Lemvig district in West Jutland shows this. For three years now the region's farmers have (under the common name ”Lemviggaarden”) opened their stable doors for tourists, who pay to have guided tours of the ordinary farms with cows, pigs, mink and chickens.

A local dairy farmer has gone a step further and have set his hayloft for apartments. The holiday guests can follow the farm activities through a large window down to milking cows and via surveillance cameras around the clock displayed on the TV screen.

Tourist Chef Dina Overgaard believes that local farmers' initiatives easily can be followed up with several other tourism initiatives:

"The more focus there is on the food, the more focus is also on agriculture, because people increasingly are moving to the city. Agrotourism is a track that we can explore more, "says Dina Overgaard from Lemvig-Thyborøn Tourist.

For farmers, this is also about to burry myths and stereotypes when meeting other people. It has, among other things, resulted in an untraditional cooperation between Odin Theatre and agriculture Lemvig neighborhood.

The past three summers farming families and farm animals therefore appeared in a holiday performance by Bovbjerg Lighthouse on the west coast, where the audience sits on straw bales and can try how it feels to ride on a cow!

Source: Landbrug & Fødevarer Aktuelt LandTV 2011 uge 36 Landbrug for turister

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