The lawn is for use

We have a large wonderfull lawn with a lake which there are grasshoppers and goldfish. Lots of beautiful flowers and trees – and a herb garden/vegetable garden.

Our Outdoor Activities

  • Swing Stand
  • Sandbox
  • Tractors
  • Trolleys
  • Front Loader
  • Small toys
  • ….and off course all the animals and nature

The possibilities of participating in our life on the farm and being active are countless – and for all ages.

And then we sell organic vegetables!

The Animals

Cows, calves, horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, peacocks. Our dog is called Sille and is a Border Collie, she is used to bring in the 170 cows from the field and much more.The rabbits Tulle and Mulle. The horses have all names, we have 9, there are 2 Icelanders, 4 big horses, 3 sports ponies. Guided tours on horseback can be purchased, but must be pre-ordered. See the pictures under the menu item The Animals.

Our guests are welcome to participate in the work on the farm!

The parents must take care of their children on their own responsibility, of course. We have an OPEN ECOLOGY Day and we participate in Open Farming – Visitor Farming.

And then we are open all year.