Organic linens and duvets

We have bought organic and allergy friendly kapok quilts and pillows, kapok is a 100% natural and organic natural fiber that grows wild in the tropical rainforests.Kapok production is a sustainable fiber that ensures the conservation of the rainforest, since no trees or plants need to be felled and no animals to be picked.

Kapok has many good features:
Insulating and temperature regulating
The Kapok fiber contains 80% air and is 8 times lighter than cotton, making it lighter than any other natural fiber in the world.The absorbed air in the fiber core makes the kapok incredibly insulating and heat-regulating.

The Kapokken contains a bitter substance that acts antibacterially, making it impossible for mites to live in it.The structure of the kapok fiber also means that the moisture cannot be absorbed, and therefore a damp environment cannot be formed which house dust mites require in order to survive.

Kapok is 100% natural and organic, and no pesticides or insecticides have been used during the production or processing of the products.

Breathable and moisture-wicking
The incredibly lightweight fiber structure of the Kapok fiber makes the kapok the most breathable natural fiber in the world.The light structure and cap’s unique ability to not absorb moisture mean that the products also lead the moisture better away from the body, and therefore ensures a warm and dry night.

We hope you will like our new delicious duvets and pillows, we have collaborated with the Eco-family, www.ø, close to Aarhus and we work on other initiatives in the collaboration that can make your holiday better and perhaps more organic.

We have of course also purchased organic bedding and sheets, here we have collaborated with Truestuff in Tilst, Truestuff works with Thise dairy that purchases our milk, suddenly we have become a large family.We hope in enjoying our delicious linens.