We milk the cows twice a day, while many of the visiting children participate in the milking. Then you can have fresh milk for your breakfast.

Everyday we mix the food for the cows everyday

Grazing, in the summertime all our cows are on grass, we have to go out daily and bring the cows home from the field so they can be milked. Sille our border collie is very clever and helps us.

Our skilled employee Sasha and Jens Peter milks the cows.

Nurse the calves 

Who doesn’t love the sweet calves? At Houdam all our calves are born in May, June and July, there are great opportunities to experience a calf birth. After 1 or 2 days, we take over the care of the calf from the mother. Therefore there is ample opportunity to help with calf care, they must learn to drink milk and they are fed with warm milk twice a day.

The calves love to lick your fingers.

Are they not cute….!