Packages optional

Order before you go on holiday. We make sure that it is ready when you arrive. We work with Tine who runs the eco-family/Økofamilien, where we have bought our organic kapok quilts and these packages are delivered from.

Welcome box
Toothbrush, shampoo bar and body bar, bivouac.

Towels: 2 large and 2 small, kitchen towels and cloths. Everything organic.

New Offers in 2019

Cheesemaking course:

This year we start with cheese making on a trial basis, because our daughter Maria has come home and she really wishes to teach you how to make cheese. The course takes about 2 hours and we make 2 different kinds of cheeses (ricotta and cream cheese). The milk we use is from our cows, off course. We also make the cheese for the breakfast table or the lasagna which you can bring home. Max 4-5 people and DKK 700 for a session.


DKK 250 per person for 1 hour riding/learning.

DKK 500 per person for 2 hours riding.

Fruit season

Throughout the summer, our fruit trees, apples, plums, pears and cherries mature. We make applejuice, apple cake, plum cake from the good “old” recipes. Help us squeeze, peel, etc. Then we can all enjoy nature’s benefits. We collect berries from different berry bushes too.