Bovbjergfyr – beautiful view and cafe – check opening hours

Sneglehuset/The snail house
– Thyborøns little snail house, where an entire house is decorated in snail houses.

VLTJ – take the train to Thyborøn

Fishing day in Thyborøn.


  • Ravsafari
  • Feeding
  • Rav workshop

Crab festival and fishing days in Thyborøn – Check VisitDenmark for dates to Planetstien/Planet path

here is much more to explore in the area. You can always ask us about all the information you need.

Local shopping



They make jewelry and art in horns, an old tradition kept in a small town called Bøvling and the factory is definitely worth a visit.

Gammelgård glas

Homemade glass art and the opportunity to get a glassware course.


Nr. Nissum Håndbryg

Lokalt mikro ølbryggeri

Ganefryd – økologisk helsebutik i Lemvig

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